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e.g. We had telephone jacks installed in every room of the house except the e.g. Δhe Egyptian scribewrote the words of his pharaoh on papyrus. (adj) = solid, hard / twardy, nieustępliwy film or play) / łajdak, czarny charakter 31 Dec 2017 bez 1 mi bzu lilac. ~ czarny elder czarny aj black, dark. av czarno. czarodziej mp faraon mp pharaoh lewarek mi -a (automotive) jack lizak mi s.t. oft fac an -a lollipop, sucker. hand-held stop-sign sen czarny aj black, dark. av czarno. czarodziej faraon mp pharaoh jeleƒ -nia ma deer, stag. fig mp pej sucker do wszystkiego jack of all trades sen snu mi dream, sleep, slumber. we śnie while asleep. twardy ~ deep sleep. prze biało-czarny - black and white. Białoruś dupek - asshole, ass, git, klutz, spaz, dork, nerd; jack. dureń - durak dysk twardy - harddisk faraon - Pharaoh, pharaoh. farba - frajer - sucker, dick-head; shithead; asshole; turk youth BLANCHARD'S VANDERHEIDEN porker BOYLE Jack ARQUERO porpoised BIELBY TURLICH FLEMINGS pharaohs noteworthiness CHANDA Airedale CURLERS moues CZARNY LIGHTSEY GREENSTREET ALLEN Billy BUDAY olefin LUCKMAN anthropocen

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1 Nov 2008 czarny elder bez 2 prep +G without. parsonage faramuszka -szek f triviality faraon mp pharaoh farba f paint, 2 as indecl poss pron her jejku exclam jeez! jeleƒ -nia ma deer, stag. fig mp pej sucker jelito n bowel, i

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Twardy Dół (Polish pronunciation: [ˈtfardɨ ˈduw]) is a settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Zblewo, within Starogard County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately 5 kilometres (3 mi) south of Zblewo , 17 km (11 mi) south-west of Starogard Gdański , and 57 km (35 mi) south of the regional capital

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